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Stainless Steel Mesh
Stainless Steel Mesh made from high quality AISI316 stainless steel cable
Galv.Steel Cord for Window Regulator
Normal construction and diameter ranges:
7x7 : 1.20mm - 1.80mm
8x7+1x19 : 1
Galv. Fine Cord for PU Timing Belt.
Mainly used as reinforcement material for PU Timing Belt.
Main sizes: 3x3, 7x3
Galv.Guy Strand
1x7 : 3/16'' 5/8'' , 1x19 : 1/2'' 1''
We also can supply bridge cable,
PC Strand

Steel strand for prestressed concrete
Product standard: GB/T 5224, BS5896,

Steel wire rope sling and assemblies
Aluminum ferrule pressed steel wire rope sling, knitting sling, hand spliced slin
Carbon Steel Free Cutting Bar
The main products include all sorts of round bar and hexagonal bar with materials
Stainless steel free cutting bar
Applications: PIN of audio, video and computer facility. Material type include 30
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